Demografi Eastbourne

The population of Eastbourne is growing, and is expected to continue this growth.[1] This is demonstrated by comparing the 2007 estimated population of 94,816 with the 2001 census population of 89,667.

For many people, Eastbourne is most readily associated with the elderly, as it has historically been a popular retirement destination, and it is often referred to in age–related jokes. The 2001 census showed that it still has a larger than average over–60 population[91] (just over a quarter of the population are of retirement age as opposed to the UK average of 18.4%).

2007 Ethnicity Estimates[92]

Ethnically, the town is 93.7% white, with small minority groups including Chinese, Thai and Korean; white minority groups include Russian, Latvian, Ukrainian, Greek (mainly from Cyprus), Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Venezuelan, Polish and Estonian.

Up until recently, Chinese had been the town's single largest ethnic minority group for forty years. 2007 saw the number of people of Indian origin in Eastbourne eclipse this.

Eastbourne is home to a large Greek Cypriot community, a significant number of whom can be found around the Susans Road and Seaside Road area, which consequently has many Greek restaurants, kebab houses and a Greek Orthodox church. Many of the town's fish and chip shops are Greek-owned.

Kadar jenayah di Eastbourne (tiap 1000 penduduk) 2005–2006[93]

KesalahanMengikut tempatanMengikut negara
Pencurian sebuah kenderaan motor2.414.04
Pencurian dari sebuah kenderaan motor8.439.59
Kesalahan seksual1.471.17
Keganasan terhadap seorang individu26.6119.97


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